BIODOR CONTROL eliminates any type of smell coming from organic matter

Biodor Control is a range of products specially designed to neutralize permanent odors in the air or on any type of surface. It consists of essential oils, which are complex formulas derived from natural vegetable substances such as flowers, fruits, herbs, roots etc.
The Biodor Control Odor Neutralizers, unlike deodorants and / or air purifiers, do not hide odors; but they eliminate them completely from the environment.
Neutralization consists of the precipitation (chemical or physical destruction) of the molecules that cause the bad smell.

This range of products is composed of 3 formats

BIODOR CONTROL-A for the treatment of the air in closed environments.
BIODOR CONTROL-L o be applied directly on a surface to be treated (liquid or solid).
BIODOR CONTROL-S in spry format for domestic use.


Biodor Control-A is a natural product, specially designed to combat smells in the air. It is a safe and harmless product for both human health and the environment.

Biodor Control-A contains molecules that capture the protein that causes the bad smell, precipitating it. It is a fast and effective action product against odors of organic origin. These are examples where this product can be applied are: sewage treatment plants, warehouses, cisterns, wastewater treatment plants, commercial shops, hotels, etc. Biodor Control-A is produced in liquid format, beige and spicy.

(In the picture: elimination of the odors generated inside a parking by nebulization of Biodor Control-A)


Biodor Control-L is a neutralizer of odors on the surface, completely natural, based on essential oils and natural plant extracts (flowers, plants, fruits, etc.) specifically designed to combat odors from waste and industrial processes.

The sludges coming from the treatment plants generates intense unpleasant odors: the treatment consists of spraying the product Biodor Control L on the trucks that transport the wet sludge for less than 1 minute by sprinklers.
With this action it is possible to reduce the smell remarkably instantaneously and move the vehicles away from the urban area without causing discomfort to the neighbors.

(In the photo: sludges collected from the treatment plants of the Metropolitan Corporation of Barcelona)

It is indicated for the treatment of odors that come off for example, garbage, sludge, sewers, containers, dirty surfaces, etc. The Biodor Control-L is produced in liquid format, beige, and with citrus aroma.


Biodor Control-S is an odor neutralizer spray designed to fight against smells that are produced and maintained in the air.

The spray format allow its application in the domestic environment by eliminating the bad smells of tobacco, shoes, kitchen, bathrooms, garbage, pets; which mean that it eliminates any unpleasant odor of organic origin instantaneously.
It is not an air freshener, it does not mask the smell but it capture the molecules that causes the bad smell, precipitating it. It is a product of fast and effective action against odors of organic origin.

* Biodor Control is a safe product for both people and the environment.

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