Eliminate bad smells from your place of business with BIODOR® NEBU IN 25

Biopulcher has developed BIODOR® NEBU IN 25, a device that nebulizes in the Biodor Control A product (or a fragrance chosen by the client)  in the environment, eliminating any type of bad smell present in the air.
This technology is indicated above all for commercial purposes such as bars, restaurants, games rooms or any store activity that has to coexist with bad odors derived from its activity or coming from abroad. In case, for example, of restaurants, it is possible not only to eliminate all the bad odors from the air, but to decide what percentage of what kind of odor to keep in the environment.

BIODOR® NEBU IN 25 works with a double membrane pump that provides air pressure to the tank / boiler and then to the nebulizer that micronizes and expels it outside where a small fan helps to a better distribution. The BIODOR® NEBU IN 25 can work autonomously or connected with a tube to the AA conduit for a more uniform and efficient distribution.

BIODOR® NEBU IN 25 has an aluminum tank/boiler with a capacity of 2.5 liters that gives it a long autonomy.

The equipment allows to parameterize time slots as well as to determine the operating times and the pauses
It also has a level sensor that alert the client when the tank reaches 50% of its capacity.
In the case of interference or bad connection, the PC detects it and resets the modem so that it can becomes active automatically as many times as necessary.
If the equipment is installed in a place without internet coverage, in order to reprogram it, it is just necessary a computer that fix the new time slot in a pen drive, and once connected to the equipment, updates it.

Make that your business place convey feelings

A pleasant and special aroma is the best presentation for your business and it represent also a positioning element that your customers will not forget.
A simple aroma is able to move us to places hidden in our memory.

Aromatizing your business place you are creating a new channel of communication, more powerful than sight and hearing to awaken new emotions and feelings through the techniques of olfactory marketing.

* Biodor NEBU IN 25 is a safe product for both people and the environment.

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