BIOFAT 50 PLUS® is the final solution to eliminate cooking fats and odors naturally and effectively

BIOFAT 50 PLUS® is a biological activator that eliminates plugging and organic incrustations in all types of drains.
It is composed of a series of microorganisms, good and safe for the human beings, that have the ability to degrade fats and other organic substances deposited in the drains of kitchens and in places where food is prepared and handled.
BIOFAT 50 PLUS® is a combined product that, on one hand, contains odor neutralizer that provides an effective and instantaneous action and, on the other, provide a bacterial additive that guarantees a permanent action over time.

BIOFAT 50 PLUS® is applied directly in the sink siphon or dishwasher, through an automatic timing system. This system is easy to use. Once installed, the dose of product to be used is calculated and works automatically.

BIOFAT 50 PLUS® benefits

  • It completely degrades oils and fats of animal origin trapped in the drains of industrial kitchens.

  • It is composed of non-pathogenic, non-genetically modified bacteria, harmless to humans, animals and the environment.

  • It is continuously dosed automatically and saves money by reducing expensive interventions for mechanical cleaning of the ducts.

  • It neutralizes the bad odors given off by sinks and grease traps, quickly and efficiently.

  • It prevents the formation of pests thanks to its direct action on organic deposits. The effectiveness of BIOFAT 50PLUS® against pathogenic bacteria has been certified by several scientific laboratories.

  • It eliminates pathogenic bacteria creating an healthy environment, without the harmful and toxic side effects of disinfectants and insecticides.

  • It is an ecological product, natural and responsible with the environment.

* BioFat 50 PLUS® is a safe product for both people and the environment.

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