Remove bad odors through bioremediation with BIOFOSA

Biofosa is a preparation that combines two actions in the same product: the biodegradable action of bacteria and the neutralizer of odors.
The neutralizer of odors produces an immediate effect, while the bacteria provide a prolonged action over time by destroying the substances that cause the bad smell.
It is specifically designed for the elimination of smells give off by the decomposition of organic matter.
It does not mask the bad odors; it eliminates them from its origin thanks to the activity of the bacteria contained in it.

Biofosa is indicated for the treatment of septic tanks, cisterns, sewers and, in general, with all decomposing organic matter.

The product comes in two formats:

BIOFOSAin liquid format. Suitable for industrial use.
in solid format. Ideal for domestic use and pits up to 5m3 as it is presented in water-soluble bags of 50g.

Bacteric-enzymatic odor neutralizer

BioFosa is a natural product composed of plant extracts and a combination of bacterial strains and natural products specifically selected to instantly eliminate odors. The bacteria it contains also reduce the organic matter that causes the bad smell. It is a safe and harmless product for both human health and the environment.
BioFosa is indicated for the treatment of septic tanks, the cleaning and deodorization of containers and all kinds of smelly surfaces of organic origin. It is presented in a beige liquid format and with a fruity aroma; Each ml of product contains 25 to 50 * 106 cfu (colony forming units).

* BioFosa is an harmless product for both people and the environment.

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