Biopulcher products


Biopulcher is a company specialized in the manufacture of neutralizers and odor inhibitors, we offer a wide range of products that can eliminate any unpleasant odor coming from industry, waste water, landfills, waste treatment plants, treatment plants, etc.
We produce customized products for each purpose as well as the machinery for its correct application.

Odor neutralizers:

  • Biodor Control
  • Biodor Nebu In25
  • BioFat 50Plus
  • BioFosa
Odor treatment products

Hydroalcoholic Gel

Due to the crisis caused by Covid-19 pandemic, hydroalcoholic gel has become a staple product.
Biopulcher has developed a highly effective hydroalcoholic gel as it contains 80% Ethanol, percentage recommended by WHO.

Hydroalcoholic Gel

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