Solutions for unpleasant odors

Biopulcher offers a range of odor neutralizers of organic origin that do not mask the odor by covering it with another fragrance, but directly capture the molecule that causes the bad odor, causing its precipitation and elimination from the air, deleting the bad smell from the environment.

In bad smells caused by decaying of organic matter, Bioremediation is effective not only to eliminate odor, but also, thanks to the biological activity of the bacteria, to reduces and Destroys the Organic Matter that was causing it.
These bacteria are completely safe, harmless for both man and nature and have been approved by the “Canadian Food Inspection Agency”.

How does it work

Outline of the process of Biopulcher products eliminating smells

The bad smell (circles in brown) is caused by particles present in the air.
After the application, the product Biodor Control A captures the molecules responsible for smells to join them.
This causes the weight gain of the particles and their precipitation to the soil, eliminating them from the air.
The air is instantly free of every particles that cause bad smells

Biopulcher offers four types of products for smell elimination:

Biodor Control
Biodor Nebu IN25
Biofat 50PLUS

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